A Third Candidate Enters the Mayor's Race in Athens, Ga.

Tim Denson often advocates for progressive issues at Commission meetings.

Tim Denson as Charles Darwin
Tim Denson as Charles Darwin
He often portrayed Charles Darwin during Rep. Paul Broun's re-election campaign. Now, Community Activist Tim Denson is running for Mayor against incumbent Nancy Denson and challenger Ryan Berry.

Here's what a press release from Denson's campaign had to say:

Athens can no longer afford “more of the same.” Athens needs a progressive government that will actively address the persistent problems in our community. That is why Tim Denson is officially running for Mayor of the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government.

We live in a unique and wonderful city, but Athens does have real problems that cannot be ignored any longer. We must begin to reverse the poverty and inequality in Athens which is among the worst in the nation. Athenians should not have to choose between paying for food or paying for housing. We must begin to offer public services and transportation that are adequate and affordable.  City Hall needs to be a more accessible and direct expression of the people's will.  We must, all come together and continue to mend the effects of past and present discrimination by working with the Black, Latino, and LGBT communities. We must safeguard our county and its assets from harmful development. Athens-Clarke County cannot wait any longer for action.  We need a progressive Mayor and Tim Denson will be that Mayor.

These problems are complex and will take time to solve, but Tim will confront them head-on as Mayor. These issues require our whole community working together to find real solutions. That is why Tim and his staff will continue to meet with community organizations and listen to the needs and aspirations of all Athenians as we keep improving our city.  As Mayor, Tim will offer a multi-front attack on poverty, an overhaul of the public transit system, and a plan to make City Hall more accessible and transparent. Together, as one community, we will establish more economic security, better public services, and a stronger relationship between our government and the people.

A campaign kickoff announcement will be held on Wednesday, November 20th, at City Hall at 5:30 PM. A Meet and Greet will follow immediately afterwards, upstairs at the downtown Transmetropolitan. More information can be found at www.timforathens.com.  Tim and his campaign staff can be reached for comment at 706-504-9797 or via email at TimForAthens@gmail.com.

It is time for a truly unified local government that is by, of, and for the people. Let's do this together. Let's make Tim Denson our Mayor.

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