Going to the Holiday Parade of Lights? Check out the Christmas Tree

The Parade of Lights gets underway at 7pm on Thursday.

The Christmas tree from 2011. (credit: Charles Apostolik)
The Christmas tree from 2011. (credit: Charles Apostolik)
A Boulevard resident posted this on the Normaltown network listserv:

"The tree lighting at this year's downtown Athens Parade of Lights will feature a red cedar from our neighborhood. The tree, planted on Christmas Day in 1987, was brought by my father as a sapling from our middle-Georgia home. It has grown into a large, beautifully-shaped red cedar throughout all these years. Unfortunately, some of the limbs already were intruding nearly 2 feet over the street. Rather than it having to be hacked and chopped in the coming years, this seems a fitting tribute both to the tree and to my father."

Thanks, whoever you are, for donating such a lovely tree.


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