Athens Clarke County Library Hiring For Grant Support Staff in Athens, Ga.

There are four temporary positions available.

The Athens-Clarke County Library is looking for up to four people to help with a new grant called Prime Time, funded by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. This program is designed to serve families of children from ages 6-10 and is a reading, discussion and storytelling series based on children’s books; it  involves working directly with families for six weeks, most likely in April and early May to discuss books, model good reading habits and skills in storytelling and reading aloud.  The focus is on children in grades 1-3, their younger siblings attend a program with a preschool leader while Mom, Dad, Grandma or Guardian spend time with a scholar and storyteller.  The program provides not only books for the six weeks of the program, but other incentives and a meal each week.  Participation in a training workshop in New Orleans is mandatory.

The positions are:

Humanities Scholar.  To ensure appropriate discussion of the selected stories’ humanities content, the scholar will have a doctorate in a humanities discipline with university teaching experience.  Scholars with a Master’s degree in the humanities with university teaching will be considered.  The scholar should transmit a love of reading and talking about books to an audience that primarily thinks of reading as a school activity.  The scholar must be comfortable working with participants who have limited reading skills and do not have experience talking about books.  The ideal candidate will have experience in outreach through professional activities or volunteer services and be fluent in Spanish.  Responsibilities include:

1. Attend a Prime Time workshop in New Orleans Jan. 18-20 [library pays all travel, transportation, hotel and meals on per diem basis].

2. Serve as a discussion leader for each session facilitating discussion of humanities themes found in books and modeling techniques for initiating and encouraging discussions for parents.

3. Submit a final report online.


Storyteller. The local storyteller will have knowledge of children’s literature and the ability to work with non-traditional audiences.  The best storytellers will demonstate the interrelatedness of the oral and literary traditions.  They will also understand that their role is more than a performance and includes demonstrating storytelling and reading aloud techniques that are accessible and replicable for the parents/guardians.  The storyteller must be comfortable working with participants with limited reading skills and in participating fully in the discussion.  Storyteller must be fluent in Spanish.  Responsibilities include:

1. Attend a Prime Time workshop in New Orleans Jan. 18-20 [library pays all travel, transportation, hotel and meals on per diem basis]

2. Present stories, model storytelling and read-aloud techniques, and participate in the discussion at each session.

3. Submit a final report online.

Preschool Coordinator. The Preschool Coordinator will attend to the needs of younger siblings and present early literacy activities while parents and older siblings are in the reading and discussion program.  The preschool coordinator should have a background in early childhood educationa and be prepared to “Prime the younger siblings for Prime Time by creatively presenting stimulating stories, books, activities, songs, and crafts.  Each preschool coordinator will be fluent in Spanish and :

1. Attend a Prime Time workshop in New Orleans Jan. 18-20 [library pays all travel, transportation, hotel and meals on per diem basis].

2. Present stoires and activities.

3. Serve refreshments and assist in both the room set-up and clean up.

4. Submit a final report online.

Community Organizer/Translator. The community organizer/bilingual translator should have experience in working with the targeted families and agencies/organizations serving them:

1.            Assist the library coordinator in recruitment and implementation of the program.

2.            Serve as the translator for each session if needed.

3.            Submit a final report on line.


Library Coordinator. A library staff member will serve as the library coordinator who will:

1. Attend the Prime Time Workshop .

2. Promote the Prime Time program and recruit at least 20 families to participate.

3. Identify transportation needs for families.

4. Handle books properly by storing them before the program, distributing sets of books, and shipping them to the next site.

5. Serve as the program host by welcoming families to the library.

6. Introduce the program as well as the scholar and storyteller and present an introduction to library services and resources at each session.

7. Administer and submit all Prime Time assessment forms, including entry and completion surveys.

8. Submit a final report online.


Library System. The Library System responsibilities include:

1. Issue library cards to each family.

2. Arrange/provide for meals, gift books, and door prizes for each session.

3. Provide a comfortable, safe, and accessible physical space for the program sessions.

4. Arrange for transportation if there is a need.

5. Provide a trained, on-site program coordinator and sufficient staff/volunteers to carry out the library’s responsibilities.

6. Handle books, storing them before the program, distributing and collecting sets of books, and shipping them to the next site.


Applications are due immediately.  Please submit a letter of interest, resume, 3 references to kames@arlsmail.org



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