Athens Today--June 21

Happy Thursday!


do you know what districts you are in, now that ACC has new commission districts. Better learn, votin' time's comin' up quick.

Comedian M. Dickson is having a book signing today at from 6:30pm to 8pm. She is a touring stand-up comic from New York. Come out and meet her.

As part of its Summer Reading Program, the is sponsoring a puppet show and story telling at Clarke Central's Mel Auditorium today at 10:30am. Come on out and enjoy David Stephens of All Hands Production. The show is "The Reluctant Dragon."

How long is this splendid weather going to last?

Pack your lunch and head to the on Saturday at 8:30am, where you will stay until 1:30pm. Why? You are learninga about invasive plants, the sworn enemies of the of Memorial Park. Know your enemy so you can destroy him. Something like that.



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