Lost Pygmy Goat Finds Big Response in Athens, Ga.

His owners found the lost little goat in Five Points.


He’s cute, he’s huggable, he’s even housetrained—or at least porch trained. And now, he's back with his owners.

He’s an adorable pygmy goat that was waiting in the fenced backyard of a Milledge Terrace house for someone to claim him. And someone did. His owners.

Vet school student Elizabeth Dale said she was coming home Monday evening from Gainesville, where she’s doing her senior rotations, when she saw police cars on her street.

Turns out an ACC Police officer had pursued a male pygmy goat from Milledge Heights down to the end of Milledge Terrace, heading toward the upper entrance to the Birchmore Trail. When the panicked goat was at last corralled in a neighbor’s yard, Dale picked him up—he weighs only about 20 pounds—and carried him home. He calmed down as soon as he was in her arms.

“I know he’s someone’s pet,” said Dale, who believes the animal is two years old. She has two dogs in the fenced back yard. “He had no fear of dogs whatsoever. They were fascinated by him.”

Mondayt night, the goat slept on her porch, cuddling with Zara, her cat. He fits right in with her animals, but Dale doesn't want to keep him.

And now, she won't have to--all the publicity flushed out his owners, and he is home with them.

OBY DUPREE April 04, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Oh what a happy ending! Love these kind of readings in Patch!


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