Speak Out: 26 Acts of Kindness

Will you participate in 26 acts of kindness in honor of those killed on Dec. 14?


Former Today Show host Ann Curry has sparked a movement through Twitter called #26acts, in part to bring about something positive from tragedy.

In honor of the 20 children and 6 adults brutally murdered on Friday, Dec. 14, in Newtown, Conn., she is asking that people commit 26 acts of kindness. 

People have responded in heartwarming, inspiring ways. After a random act of kindness, they are tweeting back to Ann what they have done. 

Here are a few posted so far, with more coming in every few minutes:

"Money is tight, but purchasing Christmas gifts for a 14y/o girl in India we have known for 8yrs. She deserves joy. #20Acts#26Acts"

"Sent Christmas card to a sailor at boot camp who won't be home for the holiday. In honor of 6yo #AllisonWyatt"

"Donated to my local food bank. This donation helps feed 30 people, many of them kids."

"I bought Starbucks for the man behind me in line. I'm a teacher. He told me to stay strong as I cried."

"Saw a homeless couple sleeping in the parking lot...left them breakfast and a $20 gift card."

Will you join the movement? If you're on Twitter, use the hashtag #26acts or #20acts, plus @AthensPatch.

Crystal jones December 26, 2012 at 12:11 PM
Im in Roanoke va.And this 26 acts of kindness is something that should continue the entire year.Something so sweet has come from this sad tradegy.As a nation we morn the lives lost and we try to move forward with some faith intact that there had to be a reason for it all.Maybe this situation is a way of opening the blind eyes in Washington to the fact that laws need to be passed about gun control and mental health services being made available to people who need it with or without insurance.Please keep this going and make this a new way of life.We need to be more caring and loving in this world.And stop judging people.Remember these lives cut short and do something nice to help the next person in the names of these 26 people that were taken to soon.


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