New Linoleum Prints on Paper by Artist Rene Shoemaker

The exhibit is up at Hendershot's on Prince Avenue.

These new linoleum prints on paper by Athens' artist Rene Shoemaker, highlight the experiences the artist has while traveling - which is universal to nearly all. Sitting in a cafe, watching the world go by, enjoying one's favorite beverages.

Ms. Shoemaker states "While traveling, I was impressed by how a sense of place was incorporated into the simplest of our daily routines - drinking a cup of coffee or tea. The personality of the country, the town, the café, all became synthesized into the shape and color of the cup, the table, and the surrounding environment. The bustling street outside, the quietness inside the café, the tile work on the bar, all these details lend a certain flavor to the experience that make these quiet times memorable.”


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