"Not Your World" is Coming to a Screen Near You

Heather Christopherson puts a new spin on the usual crime syndicate story.

The character Maya, played by Caroline Monroe Boyd.
The character Maya, played by Caroline Monroe Boyd.
Heather Christopherson has been making movies since she was in high school in Atlanta.

These days, she has $4,000 worth of cameras, lighting and sound equipment and a company, Shiny Pictures. She has a production manager. And in Athens, where she has lived since 1996, she has a group of friends as interested in making movies, and movies in general, as she is.

She has worked for the History Channel and made some independent films. Christopherson’s latest project is “Not Your World,” a 20-minute film about a crime syndicate, with a female crime boss and a sci-fi element thrown in. It’s going to be shown in October during Andrew Shearer’s “Gonzoriffic Film Festival.”

Here's the film's logline:

     "Maya, a lifer in M's crime syndicate, wants out.  And when a stranger shows up claiming Maya's in the wrong world it sets in motions changes Maya never saw coming. The film starts out with Maya and her partner staring into a car trunk and flip flops back and forth between them and M, the crime boss, hiring a new recruit.  Maya periodically sees Julep, a woman claiming that Maya is in the wrong world, and is not sure if it's real or she's crazy.  At the end of the film we find out."

When not taking care of her toddler, working on Athens Parent magazine or being with her husband, Christopherson has been editing “Not Your World.” She has done other films, including "The Why Generation," which deals with university women at dead-end jobs and the paths they take.

"Luckily, my friends love movies," she says. Everyone, from the production staff to the actors, worked for free. Her only expense was feeding them. If you miss the movie at Cine, don't worry: she plans to distribute it herself. 


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