All aboard for Transmetropolitan

Our reviewer finally settles on what she wants to eat, and it's great.

Hubby and I were on our way home about 6 o'clock. I knew there was food at home we should cook, but nothing ready to sit down to. It was a busy Friday downtown so we didn’t pause. I was tired and so we stopped at on the west side on our way home.

It is an interesting mix of things: a pizza parlor, a bar and a neighborhood restaurant. We chose to eat on the roof terrace, in the hope that the wind and clouds would develop into a nice rainstorm (which we needed). The wind felt good, but we did have to hold onto our napkins. 

Downstairs, indoors, there was the usual mix: families, groups of kids having birthday parties or supper after a soccer game, couples eating in the bar, singles watching TV and having a quick bite to eat. It's also very popular for take out.

There is a downtown Transmetropolitan as well, but there have usually been mostly students when I have been there. The servers are young and friendly. 

I had some trouble deciding what I wanted to eat. The menu is kind of limited, if you don't feel like Italian food. There are lots of interesting pizza toppings, and the mix and match pasta and sauces are fun and excellent. They warn you on the menu that their delicious calzones take extra time. (I was there once with a friend who ordered it as he was seated.) They have an excellent potato soup on the menu, too. 

I decided on a healthful spinach salad. Unfortunately, the waitress came back and told me there was no spinach! Then it took me forever to make up my mind a second time.

Meanwhile, hubby had ordered a beer and a Gigante Salad with chicken, one of the choices I was considering. It was good and he enjoyed it: it came with lots of greens, lots of chicken and a delicious poppy seed dressing. But when I saw it, I knew that was not what I wanted.

I ordered the pasta fagiole, and it was delicious. The pancetta and wine gave a great flavor to small white beans and not-too-much spaghetti.

We traded off a little, so I got some vitamins, and it made a great light meal in a very relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. At home, we had fresh strawberries we had picked at , so we didn't order dessert. The bill was very reasonable, under $30 for two. 


Transmetropolitan west summary: Very good atmosphere, very good service, very good food.

Italian food: pasta, pizza, sandwiches, salads; bar, dining room, rooftop terrace, good for groups. 

Patty’s picks: potato soup, a slice of pizza, Gigante Chicken salad with poppy seed dressing.


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