Business Profile: Unruly Chocolates

Wes Unruh making chocolate.
Wes Unruh making chocolate.

1. Name of business: Unruly Chocolates

2.  What does your business do? (For example, cut hair, paint houses, cook food, cut grass, write grants, help people get in good physical shape, etc.) Unruly Chocolates creates small-batch, hand-dipped chocolates that are preservative and corn syrup free. We make a variety of confections including truffles, caramel and turtles, as well as hard candies. Out chocolates come in both vegan and vegetarian varieties and many are gluten free.

3.  How long have you been doing this? We have been privately making candy for friends and relatives since 1997, and officially went into business, here, in Athens on Halloween 2013.

4.  Why are you doing this in Athens? Wes Unruh, the chocolatier of Unruly Chocolates moved to the Athens area in the summer of 2013, after his wife accepted a position at the University of Georgia. Impressed with the entrepreneurial nature of Athens and strong food culture, he created Unruly Chocolates to contribute to the community.

5.  What are the advantages of owning a small business? Athens is particularly receptive to small business, with flexibility for creating joint-ventures with other small business owners.

6.  If you could change one thing about owning a small business, what would that be? We have been privately making candy for friends and relatives since 1997, and officially went into business, here, in Athens on Halloween 2013. 

7.  Do you have employees? Are they temporary, part-time, full-time, new or long term? I am a sole proprietor, at the moment, but look forward to growing my business throughout Athens.

8. Do you own the place where you do business, or do you move around (like maybe a dog trainer would do) or rent space (to store your equipment)? Currently, Unruly Chocolates are created and sold out of Mama Bird’s Granola and Grocery at 909 E. Broad Street. Jennie, the owner of Mama Bird has been a wonderful support in this venture.

 9. Is anyone else in town doing what you do? I do not believe there is anyone who lives in Athens who operates any kind of candy or chocolate shop.

10. Do you like what you do? I would work at all hours of day and night if my family would allow it!

11.  Do you have a story to share about how your started your business. (“I realized one day that, yes, I could actually design websites myself. So I started doing this and never looked back.”) When I first moved to Athens and thought about what I wanted to do here, one of my goals was to start a business that I could eventually do with my (currently two-year-old) son. As it happens, he loves chocolate (and occasionally figures out how to open the Tupperware when I am not looking)!

12.    What are you plans for the future (regarding your business), the future being the next five years? This spring, I am hoping to start selling at the Athens Farmer’s Market! Additionally, I would like to begin to sell confections to local restaurants and food establishments. Eventually, I would like to open my own chocolate café in town. Chocolate makes everyone happy!

The website for Unruly Chocolate is is www. UnrulyChocolates.com


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