Creole Cooking on the Eastside

Sisters Creole Market & Take Out offers authentic creole and cajun food-to-go that stays with you.

Sisters Creole Market & Take Out is now open on the Eastside and is serving up takeout plates of authentic Creole dishes. Sisters is owned and operated by actual sisters Carla Waggoner, Lenore Bramblett, and Ann Silberman. This family operated restaurant and market is located on Whitehall Road in the building that formerly housed Jot ‘Em Down and has already attracted a lot of attention.

“There has been a lot of curiosity about this place,” says Lenore Bramblett. Sisters
attracts a wide variety of people--even two joggers, who interrupted their run to
see what it was all about. Bramblett credits curiosity and excitement as part of
the reason for gaining a steady stream of business. Serving homemade,
down-to-earth comfort food doesn’t hurt either.

Jambalaya, étouffée, fried shrimp, fried oysters, chicken salad, red beans and rice and avariety of po’ boy sandwiches are on the menu. Desserts such as pecan pie,
cheesecake and bread pudding with whiskey sauce are also offered. If it doesn’t
sound good enough yet, all the entrées and desserts are cooked using family
recipes. The prices aren’t bad, either. I got half orders of étouffée and
jambalaya, two of my favorites, for around $5 each. Jessica Trochez, who was in
town from Louisiana to visit her mother, owner/cook Carla Waggoner, confidently
ensures me that I am about to taste real New Orleans food.

The authenticity of the food clearly stands out. As soon as I took a bite of the étouffée, I was not disappointed. The jambalaya was just as flavorful and filling. The southern charm and hospitality provided by the sisters themselves, Cajun music playing in the background, and the aroma of Creole spices throughout the cozy building only add to an already pleasurable experience.

Sisters sells several products from New Orleans as well. Such items include Aunt
Sally’s Pralines
, Slap Ya Mama products, and Angelo Brocato Italian ice cream. The
artwork of Doctor Bob, a New Orleans folk artist, can be seen throughout the
establishment. They even sell his Be Nice or Leave coffee mugs.

Originally from New Orleans, Carla, Ann and Lenore found their way to Athens at different times, but each has made it their home. Lenore has been in Athens since she came here with her husband in 1987 while Carla is the newest resident, relocating to Athens to pursue her dream of opening a restaurant. Since opening, Sisters has received a warm reception. “The neighborhood has really embraced us,” Bramblett mentions. 

This has made Carla’s move from Louisiana a bit easier. “I love the people in Athens,” she said.

Sisters Creole Market & Take Out
Location:152 Whitehall Road
Hours: 11 to 7 Tuesday through Saturday
Signature dishes: Jambalaya, po’ boy sandwiches, fried shrimp, fried oysters, étouffée,red beans and rice, chicken salad, bread pudding with whiskey sauce, pecan pie, cheesecake


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