Doma Changes Hands

Suska, an adjacent store, will continue to be run and managed by Susanna Drennen.

Interior of DOMA (credit: Rebecca McCarthy)
Interior of DOMA (credit: Rebecca McCarthy)

Doma, a home furnishing and interiors consignment store in Five Points, has been sold to a new owner. As of January 1st, the name will change to BMA at Home and the new owner will be Breckyn Alexander. She's a local interior designer who will be running both her design business and the consignment portion out of the current Doma space.  BMA at Home will also offer a USA made upholstery line curated by the owner.

If you have consigned items at Doma that are currently active, Brecklyn will be honoring the Doma contract that you originally signed. Your expiration date will remain unchanged.  However, since the store will be closed for the transition in January, if your expiration date falls sometime in that month, you will be given an additional month.

If you have items that have expired that have not yet been donated, contact Breckyn directly to see if she would be interested in making them available under her new contract when she re-opens in February. She can be reached at balexander@bmadesigns.com


If you have questions about your existing pieces or are unsure when your items expire, please contact us at suska@suskaathens.com or 706.548.2258 and we will happily pass that information on to you.  This change only affects the Doma portion of the business, Suska will remain open for business and under our existing ownership.


We would like to thank everyone for all of your support during this past year and hope that you will visit BMA at Home when it opens in February!


Thank you,

Susanna Drennen and the team at Suska



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