Germany's Favorite Sandwich May Be Your Favorite

KEBA gives us a break from the ordinary sandwich and fries.

has been a place where I’ve been eating since I was an undergrad at UGA. I’ve seen it go from Lumpkin Street to downtown, and to its home on the eastside where it has been for a few years now. For me, it’s become a place that I cannot imagine Athens without. No matter where it has been located or what it has been named, it has been one of my go-to restaurants. Realizing I haven’t been to Keba in a quite a while, I recently went back to rediscover Germany’s favorite Turkish sandwich.

Keba (pronounced “kay-bah”) serves kebaps, which are very popular in Europe and the Mediterranean as well as Australia. The kebap is Turkish in origin and is a wrap/sandwich stuffed with spitfire roasted meat and topped with cabbage and other veggies along with a creamy sauce. It’s very similar to a Greek gyro.  

I’ve had a few different kebap combinations, but beef with creamy feta is by far my favorite. The sandwich is very filling, so if you want to eat a little lighter, go with the wrap. All the roasted meat bases (beef, chicken, pork) are indeed carved right off of rotating spits. There is also an option to get these sandwiches/wraps Reuben style. Vegetarian options include feta cheese or falafel. If fish is your thing, they have tuna, and for the kids there is even a Nutella sandwich. There’s no excuse for not wanting to try this place.

On the wrapper of the kebap it reads: COMPOSING THE PERFECT SANDWICH. Keba is definitely on to something. The creamy sauce and crunchiness of the cabbage mixed with the roasted, flavorful meat just makes you want more with each bite. If it’s not the perfect sandwich, it’s pretty close.

 If you want the Belgian fries, and, believe me, you do, you can choose another sauce to dip them in. The fries alone make for a satisfying snack. My favorite sauce for dipping fries is the roasted red pepper. I haven’t tried all the sauces, but the only ones I do not like are the zesty BBQ and black olive sauces. Sauces for the fries (and sandwiches): creamy feta, roasted red pepper, black olive, zesty BBQ, curry up, spicy chipotle, Keba sauce, tangy mayo, and pesto magnifico. The variety of sauces served with fresh cut fries is something that makes Keba stand out even more from the average sandwich shop.

In addition to kebaps and fries, Keba serves salads, Italian gelato, and bottled beer- Bud Light, Yuengling, Hoegarden, and Warsteiner. Keba also caters and has plans to expand. An Epps Bridge location will be opening in August and another opening in Watkinsville later this year. Next time you crave a sandwich or wrap, stray away from the ordinary and head to Keba Spitfire Grill and try what could possibly be the perfect sandwich.

KEBA Spitfire Grill

1860 Barnett Shoals Rd.




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