Jammin' Out in Five Points

A new deli opens up in Five Points

Recently, I went to check out The Local Jam, a newly opened Southern style restaurant that doubles as a deli in Five Points, right across from .

The Local Jam specializes in breakfast food and prepares fresh jams each day. There is also a lunch menu featuring just as much of a tasty and unique array of choices as the breakfast menu. Both breakfast and lunch are served all day and there are also a few options for kids, the highlight being Preston’s Sammy, a ham and cheese sandwich with Doritos inside. On a side note, as an educator I’ve seen this more than a few times. Yes, kids love it.

Though I didn’t go with Preston’s Sammy, I (along with my brother) tried some of The Local Jam’s other specialties. Fresh jams are the staple here and when you go, if nothing else, definitely try the jams. The jams of the day when I went: mango and peach, both served on a plate with homemade biscuits and a sampling of two types of bread that are nothing short of phenomenal -- Terrapin wheat and organic sourdough. I really didn’t expect to be as impressed with the breads, but I’d say the organic sourdough and Terrapin wheat with jam was my favorite part of the whole meal.

My brother Daniel knows his way around a good sandwich, so when he says the signature New York Reuben is one of the better ones he’s had, I believe it. It definitely looked delicious and made my stomach growl when I saw it.

I had a little harder time choosing what I wanted to try because so much sounded good. I decided to try something from the breakfast side of the menu and went with the egg skillet with spinach, grilled onions, and thick-cut bacon as my toppings. The skillets really piqued my interest. I’ve got my eye on one of the mac (as in mac and cheese) skillets for next time. I really liked how the scrambled eggs and toppings were served in an actual mini cast iron skillet -- very cool and unique, very Southern and hearty, which I like.

A few things on The Local Jam’s menu that stood out besides what I sampled include the black bean sliders, the corned beef hash and eggs, all the mac skillets, and the host of sandwich combinations that can be created. I was also impressed with the incorporation of organic ingredients in some of the menu items, especially the breads.  There are also juices, coffees and tea choices. The Local Jam even carries a special blend of coffee- a five bean blend meant to honor the Five Points area of Athens.

Something else notable about The Local Jam is the interior. It is very spacious and welcoming and the environment is relaxing. Sitting in the comfy booth, I looked around and realized that this place could be found on an old town square in a quaint Southern town such as the one I’m from. With hanging light bulbs, hardwood floors, a bar/counter, and modern artwork displayed, The Local Jam has managed to mesh the feel of an old Southern deli with a modern and hip coffee house. It is simply an all around great place to enjoy some great food.

The Local Jam

1650 S. Lumpkin St.



Open 7-4 daily

Specialties: breakfast and lunch all day, fresh jams, homemade biscuits and breads, sandwiches, soups, Jittery Joe's five bean blend coffee, juices, egg skillets, mac skillets, pasta salad, deserts


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