Potential Goodwill Slotted for Winn Dixie Property

Developers have requested a demolition permit in preparation for a Goodwill on the Eastside of Athens, Ga., officials said.


A new Goodwill may be coming to Athens' Eastside, according to the

Senior Planner Bruce Lonnee said the Planning Department has been approached by Goodwill representatives for a demolition permit at the old Winn Dixie at 4066 Lexington Road.

The demolition permit will allow developers to restructure the roof and inside of the building. The new Goodwill would be similar to the , and would include a Job Center.

"As I understand it, that is an expansion of what they do on the Westside of town," Lonnee said. "[Goodwill] didn't indicate to us whether they are planning on closing the Westside store, so they may be planning on two locations in town."

Lonnee said Goodwill representatives appeared eager when they approached the Planning Department. 

"They wanted to get to work sooner rather than later, so my guess would be that we'll see something late summer or early fall," he said. "When someone is very sincere about getting a job done, they go ahead and get the demolition permit working while they get the plans reviewed for whatever the end goal would be."

Though Goodwill representatives are in the process of applying for a demolition permit, Lonnee said he is unsure when plans for the building will be finalized. Athens Patch is awaiting further details on the development from Goodwill's corporate headquarters.

"That's really up to them and how fast their development team wants to work," he said. "Reviewing the plans only takes nine days. In theory, they could have a permit in a matter of a couple of weeks."


What do you think? Is Goodwill a good fit for the old Winn Dixie building on Lexington Road?

Kimberley Nash June 13, 2012 at 01:06 PM
I'm glad they are FINALLY going to bring an active business into the vacant eyesore that has been Willowood, but I don't know that a Goodwill Center will change the dilapidated look of that plaza. The eastside needs more retail merchants and restaurants, not more private industry, if it's to be seen as a desirable area in which to live. Just my two.
Al Jean Williams June 13, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Well, Goodwill 'IS' also a merchant, (although of 'used', but still good, merchandise). It's good for the community, because they help to train and put people to work. It's good for those more fortunate than others, to donate items they no longer need, and feel good about helping their neighbors. Plus the 'added' benefit of helping our planet, by recycling. The Goodwill store on the west side is a clean, attractive building. The new one should help Willowood's eyesore problem. Also, I think people drawn to shop there, (to save money, & in turn, help Goodwill to help more people), 'may' also bring business to nearby stores and restaurants, and encourage others to open up a new business nearby. In 'my' opinion... Goodwill is a 'GOOD' thing. :0 )
tippy10 November 12, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Has this goodwill opened yet


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