The "Go-Fers" Hope to Go for You

A new business hopes to take care of the things you don't want to.

Go-fers are ready to go!
Go-fers are ready to go!

Name of business: Go-fers

What does your business do? (For example, cut hair, paint houses, cook
food, cut grass, write grants, help people get in good physical shape,
etc.) Errands and other personal and business services

How long have you been doing this? Each of us have been doing similar
services to some extent with previous businesses we each owned, but we
are just now collaborating as a specific business to do together.  We
are three peas in a pod and can’t wait to work together!

Why are you doing this in Athens? We’ve all lived here and worked here
for many years.  In fact Kelly was born and raised here.  We have
between us a vast network of friends an existing clients.

What are the advantages of owning a small business? Freedom to set
your own schedule is the main thing, and working towards our goals of
helping others in the community is a huge part of why we wanted to do

If you could change one thing about owning a small business, what
would that be? Having a scanner to read which people might be
difficult to work for!

Do you have employees? Are they temporary, part-time, full-time, new
or long term? We are starting with the three of us as partners, each
with our own list of tasks and responsibilities, but we hope to have a
vast network of subcontractors that we refer out to clients.  This is
one of the many ways we want to help the community by helping others
get their businesses more work.

Do you own the place where you do business, or do you move around
(like maybe a dog trainer would do) or rent space (to store your
equipment)? We are working from home and don’t think we will need an
office as we each have office space in our homes and a lot of
experience.  Our business send helpers to the clients!

Is anyone else in town doing what you do? We don’t know of anyone else
in town who is doing what we are doing!  We think there is a need for
this service.

Do you like what you do? We are just starting, but we all enjoy
working with people and making people happy!  It’s a joy to be a

Do you have a story to share about how your started your business. (“I
realized one day that, yes, I could actually design websites myself.
So I started doing this and never looked back.”) Andrea and Kelly
didn’t know each other at first, but both are friends of mine.  I’d
had lunch with one, then a few days later with the other, and both
conversations led in the same direction about what we wanted to do
with our careers.  It was Kelly’s idea to have an errand running
business and the wheels in my head started churning when she said
this, as I am really good at promotional and networking, and then
Andrea’s skill set was so complimentary that we decided to
collaborate.  The two of them really clicked and we have been enjoying
the process together ever since!

What are you plans for the future (regarding your business), the
future being the next five years? We’d love to have a whole network of
fabulous “Go-fers” and streamline the business so that it is
franchise-able!  We love the idea of giving people extra freedom and
time to enjoy their lives more, while also providing enjoyable work
for entrepreneuers!



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