Wal Mart Officials Assessing Downtown Location

They may or may not come to the Armstrong & Dobbs property.


Since news of a surfaced last fall, . Others have cheered, .

The developer, Selig Enterprises, has said a Wal Mart will anchor their mixed use complex. Many content that size is too large and the design is too car-centric to mesh with downtown's pedestrian feel.

Now, according to a story today in the Athens Banner Herald, it appears that Wal Mart hasn't decided whether it will indeed locate on Oconee Street.

As evidenced by stores in New York and Portland, Wal Mart has been expanding into urban centers. They have done so by opening approximately 40,000 square-foot “neighborhood markets” that sell groceries and pharmacy products, the story says.

Wal Mart spokesman Bill Wertz said that in Georgia, the retail giant pays an average of $12.48 per hour, and generally hires both entry-level and experienced employees, according to the newspaper story.


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