Something Quick and Short About 'My Georgia Bulldogs'

Let's Make Him Proud
Let's Make Him Proud


I’m an alum so I think I’m allowed to say my piece.  This week it was revealed that four more UGA football players will be disciplined for breaking the law.  Their specific crime was non-violent thank goodness and I trust the NCAA and the Athletic Department to do their jobs.  Sending them home will be fine with me.

My argument today is with every single media report I have read about this event.  Without exception, they have pointed out which player is the starter and which are not.  Many are going on about the other discipline cases which will leave the Dogs short-handed for the first game of the season.  Some even regurgitate the game stats of the accused.   Friends, this is not how I want to look at ‘My Georgia Bulldogs’.  This is a case of young men making a mistake and the ramifications for them.  I find it repulsive that the articles can move so fluidly from describing a crime to describing the holes in a defense thanks to that crime.  I must presume that the editors of the web pages and newspapers I read feel that their readership cares more about Georgia’s pre-season ranking than the culture that recruits and coddles young men who make bad decisions.  That’s not ‘My Georgia Bulldogs’.

I’m a big fan of Coach Richt and know that his job is to find and recruit the best talent nationwide.  Sometimes troubled kids can get recruited and turned into men.  Sometimes their bad boy ways get the best of them and they make stupid mistakes that can truly harm their future.  I get it.  It’s a business.  The athletes make money for the University and fill seats.  I’m OK that we must take a chance on some already tarnished players coming out of high school, but ‘My Georgia Bulldogs’ will send them home at the first sign of disrespecting the honor they have been given.  Do Your Georgia Bulldogs do the same?

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Norm Bentley March 21, 2014 at 06:54 AM
I am not a Georgia grad but have attended dozens of games with my Uncle who held season tickets for nearly 50 years. I love football and have had many wonderful times at Sanford Stadium. I also am a fan of honesty and integrity, so I must ask this question. Do the first 14 years of this century represent a record for Georgia for the most college football players from one school arrested in one entire century? I think Georgia fans should look for better leadership in this area than what the present coach has shown. After all, it is his watch, and the records are piling up!
J. W. MacMahon March 21, 2014 at 12:54 PM
Hi Norm..I may begin to have reservations about Mark Richt in the overall scope of things. I belive he is an extremely good person, Christian if you like, and perhaps that my color his decisions to drop the hammer on his charges. However, it seems your observation may have merit, and he needs to run a tighter ship and keep the chaff out of the program and remove such when necesary. I have always felt he would bring a national title to UGA, & it has been fairly close a time or 2. It has been a long time, now approaching 25 years, since 1980 and Vince Dooley and the return to that glory seems overdue. Competiton is very fierce & there are many good programs so his task is formidable. I hope he can meet the challange and with that thought perhaps is a factor that tints his judgement. I don't feel his dismissal is quite due, but it shan't be too long before the Century Club Alum will begin to grumble...RxJiMac/Atlanta
Charlie Vosburgh March 21, 2014 at 03:30 PM
Me thinks it's more like almost 35 years if my math is correct since 1980!
J. W. MacMahon March 21, 2014 at 04:47 PM
Thanks, Charlie...I ran out of fingers...
OBY DUPREE March 21, 2014 at 05:26 PM
Well said from someone who is what I grew up being told to be.... A DIE HARD FAN!!!!


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