Asteroid Approaching the Earth Could be Worth Billions

Some say the rock could contain $130 billion in metals.


An asteroid the size of a cruise ship — 2012 DA14 — that will bypass our planet Friday could be worth almost $200 billion, according to prospective asteroid miners.

In relative space distances, the asteroid is cutting it close to Earth — 17,200 miles, or 15 minutes, from our planet. But miners say the asteroid's orbit makes it too difficult to chase down, according to a report posted by Fox News.  

Click here to watch Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," explain the effect an asteroid impact could have on the earth.  

Officials with Deep Space Industries, a company that plans to mine asteroids for gold, platinum and other minerals, say the rock could contain $65 billion of recoverable water and $130 billion in metals.

What do you think about asteroid mining ventures — is there gold in them thar rocks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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