Bacon Lovers Flock To Iowa Festival Celebrating the Meat

Have you heard of chocolate-dipped bacon?


Some people like bacon, some people love bacon. And some people really, really love bacon. 

A festival in Iowa over the weekend — the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival — drew thousands of bacon lovers, according to a Huffington Post report, complete with photos of a dress made out of bacon that was worn by the woman crowned the festival's queen. 

Yes, that's right. A dress made of bacon. And it's a must-see

The festival, which celebrated its sixth year Saturday and grew from a small event held in a bar, is so popular that the 8,000 tickets available for the event sold out in less than four minutes. More than 10,000 pounds of bacon was served up during the event, including bacon-flavored cupcakes and chocolate-dipped bacon. 

The Huffington Post has photos and videos from the event. And we've got some bacon recipes from the social media platform Pinterest

What's the strangest way you have eaten bacon? Do you have any interesting recipes using bacon? We hope you will share them in the comments section below. 



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