Puppy Bowl's MVP for 2013 Goes to Schnauzer/Beagle Mix Marta

In one of the cutest sporting events ever played, puppies took to a mini field in Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl IX.


Puppy Bowl IX is now history, and the MVP — Most Valuable Puppy — has been crowned. 

Of of the 63 puppies that competed in Sunday's pre-Super Bowl showdown, it was a female Schnauzer/Beagle mix named Marta who USA Today reports out-hustled and out-muscled dogs twice her size. 

"Marta's tiny, but she's not delicate, and she is deceptively athletic, which kind of tricked the bigger dogs," USA Today quotes Daniel Schachner, who acted as "The Ref" on the field, as saying. 

Possibly the best aspect of Puppy Bowl? Shelters see a spike in adoptions. The puppies participating in this year's event came from shelters around the country and, according to USA Today, all have been adopted.

 Click here to check out highlights of this year's Puppy Bowl, and here's the starting lineup. There's an option to "View As One Page." Click that so you don't miss any of the cuteness.

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