Real-Life Barbie and Ken Don't Play Nice

A man and a woman who look like the iconic dolls can't get along. What would Skipper say?


"Real-life" dolls Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica won't be moving into Barbie's Dreamhouse any time soon to live happily ever after in the Barbie world. 

The Inquisitr reports a meeting between two, who have both used plastic surgery and makeup to achieve doll-like looks purporting themselves as real-life Barbie and Ken, didn't go well. In short? They hate each other. 

Check out a photo of the duo posted by The Sun. 

Weird, creepy or interesting? Tell us what you think about this story in the comments section below. 


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Lynn Hubbard February 01, 2013 at 03:30 AM
why is this under news? Probably because they are too "into" themselves.


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