The Guatemalan Yoga Adventure: Day 6

On the road to recovery.

Interesting enough the wind really picked up over the lake. It must have heard us talking about it.  I stayed in bed and missed the balancing asanas but joined the group for breakfast. I was thrilled to get a piece of toast to stay down. Later I was given a shot glass of a garlic, ginger and lemon juice concoction to further my intestinal healing.

No shopping trip to San Pedro for me. Fever finally broke but can't stay away from a bathroom for very long and the boat ride across the lake wouldn't help my condition a bit. I'm sad but they have left me in good hands.

Krsytlyn, the henna tattoo artist, has given everyone a tattoo but me so I decided this was the day to succumb. She is from Valdosta, Georgia, of all places. Her grandmother was Guatemalan and she really feels at home here.

By mid-afternoon the group was back. They brought me a beautiful blue scarf so I tied it around my neck and watched the 20-minute video my roommate had taken with her phone. I was instantly transported across the lake and felt as if I hadn't missed anything.

It's amazing how many different plant species they use to dye the cotton yarn. Now I have to come back.

We ended another day with partner yoga combined with a little thai massage. I was able to participate a little and it felt good to be back with the women during a yoga practice.


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