Unusual Write-In Votes, Indecent Cat Burglar and Hot Selling Protest Sandwiches

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– East Cobb Patch

Some Cobb voters were so unimpressed with the available candidates on the nonpartisan ballot that they instead cast write-in votes for Batman, Scooby Doo, Santa or Snoopy.

In Tuesday’s primary elections, voters didn’t have the option to write in candidates for party races because Democrats and Republicans were only deciding whom to send to the general election in November.

But any person, animal, letter, cartoon character or, ahem, reproductive organ were fair game in the nonpartisan elections. In total for Cobb, there are 207 pages worth of Anybody Else, No Vote, Me, Bozo, Big Bird, Awesome Bill from Dawsonville and other write-ins from Tuesday.

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– Douglasville Patch

A 20-year-old Douglasville man has been charged with burglary and indecent exposure after a series of incidents that began in June when a black male was observed exposing himself outside of a resident's sliding glass door.

The / Major Case Unit arrested Brentrez McPherson last week after executing a search warrant at his home and finding many of the items stolen during the burglaries inside McPherson's house.

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– East Atlanta Patch

To Chris Cooper, a co-owner of the  in East Atlanta Village, Chick-fil-A is free to take a stance on social issues.

"But when your stance is oppression and isn't based on tolerance and acceptance, it's entirely a different thing," Cooper told East Atlanta Patch.

In response to the  over president Dan Cathy’s statements opposing same-sex marriage, Flatiron created the "Godless Fried Chicken Lesbian Sandwich.” The eatery joined another East Atlanta food favorite, , which  in response to Chick-fil-A's position.

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