Bowen Craig Book Launch Party for "Hitchhiking with Salmon"

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 493 Prince Ave, Athens, GA 30601  See map
Join Avid Bookshop on January 11, 2014, from 6:30pm - 7:30pm in launching Bowen Craig's new book HITCHHIKING WITH SALMON. There is no admission charge. Enjoy readings by Bo Craig, Mamie Simonds, Eddie Whitlock, Joy Ovington and others, along with a wine & cheese reception and book signing.

Author Bowen Craig has lived in Athens for almost a decade. Craig is one of the co-founders of Bilbo Books, an Athens-based publishing company. Bilbo specializes in crafting personal memoirs, but has also published children’s books, novels, entrepreneurial manuals, and academic texts. Craig has written for newspapers, magazines and Internet blogs. His work has appeared in his hometown of Dalton’s “Daily Citizen” newspaper and the more local “Lake Oconee Living” magazine. He blogs regularly for “The Athens Patch” online community news and views outlets. He has contributed to stage shows produced by the Athens-based Circle Ensemble Theatre Company and Atlanta’s Twinhead Theatre Company. 
In depth about Hitchhiking with Salmon...

Alba, Georgia sits uneasily on the fault line of southern suburban sprawl. Alba is no longer the small, isolated Mayberryesque mill town where everybody knows your name that it once was. It’s also not yet a bland, cookie-cutter gated community full of scared commuters and the children who love them. It’s somewhere in between. With the frighteningly speedy rate that the city of Atlanta is expanding, the entire state of Georgia will be considered a suburb by the year 2025. For now, like hundreds of other little towns, Alba is in limbo…so is Perry Duncan and the rest of his generation. 

It’s 2004. Perry Duncan is twenty-eight years old and completely clueless. He teaches at a school for recent Spanish-speaking immigrants to the Peach State and writes for a rarely-read alternative newspaper he co-founded along with his frenemy, Aaron, a terminally angry, highly-political, but only mildly-informed, fellow stunted Alban adolescent. Perry’s relationship with his girlfriend, Daria, is on the rocks, and has been since the beginning. His parents have recently moved to Delaware (they claim for “retirement,” but his father didn’t retire and Perry suspects that they moved mainly to get away from him). His best friend, Hal, is the bassist in a horrible, but fun, local garage band and a waiter in a local restaurant who earns huge tips by repeatedly insulting his customers and their families. Perry’s recent life has been pretty monotonous…until his old friend, Teddy, shows back up in town. 

Teddy Ruxpin (not his real name) is a confused, magnetic, zealous, and curious traveler. Teddy has abandoned his most recent adventure after finding a mysterious, worn old book that mentions long-buried secrets about his home town of Alba. His return excites Perry, Hal and their friends and leads them into a crazy, dangerous and unpredictable path of discovery about what really happened behind-the-scenes in Alba’s past…and possibly its present. 

“…the definitive study of tapeworms.”---the Academy of Fake Science

“Even less true than The DaVinci Code.”---God

“..funnier than Nietzsche. More insightful than Rog.”---Re-Run from Good Times

“Makes great kindling.”---New York Times Book Review

“Flossing is a conspiracy. Why would a dentist give a patient something that’s going to make his gums bleed? That’s like giving out fiberglass toothbrushes and gravel toothpaste, which I also do.”---Arnold J. Winheimer, D.D.S.


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