Grindhouse Killer Burgers Opens in Athens, Georgia

Grindhouse Killer Burgers opened on Friday in Five Points. You going?

Grindhouse Killer Burgers is on Lumpkin Street.
Grindhouse Killer Burgers is on Lumpkin Street.
Okay, okay. They were right. All those people in Atlanta who voted in some poll or another and decided that Grindhouse Killer Burgers has the best veggie burger going. They do. It's so delicious I ate it plain, and it's big enough for two meals.

But I'm getting in the middle of my own story.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers in Five Points opened on Friday. At 6:15, there was a line out the door, though there were open tables in the downstairs area where families were sitting. Guess the students were headed to the upstairs deck.

My fellow eaters were astounded that I wanted a veggie burger and a salad in a burger joint. Because, when you come to a burger place, you get a burger, right? Right, of course. If you can decide how you want it--beef, turkey or veggie? And what size? With cheese? Veggies? Sauces? Extras?

The choices were so many and the system seemed too complicated for exhausted parents to handle, so my carnivore friends zeroed in on the set burger styles. Which means someone else has picked the combinations of foods. Three people had the Grindhouse Style (cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, pickles, house sauce) and one had the Cowboy Style (cheddar cheese, thick cut bacon, Vidalia onion ring, bbq sauce). I had the veggie burger (2 beans and quinoa). Everyone was a clean plate ranger, though I did take a patty home.

The salads, a house and an avocado, were equally yummy, with very good dressings. Don't know if they are made in-house or elsewhere, but they were interesting and tasty. Can't beat that.

There are 20 beers on tap. So you can sit on the deck with friends with a beer, or take the family downstairs for some supper. The "styled burgers" range from $5.50 to $7.99, depending on the burger's size. Salads are $3.50 to $6.99.

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