After the Movement

After The Movement is an answer to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s great speech “I Have a Dream."

By Bennie C. Coleman

After the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, the South began to quake. A new movement of black American pride weighed heavily on the south.

The significance of that movement in time was to unify the country.

All men are equal. Years passed and the treatment of black Americans remained in the past (no rights for all black people), while living in the present.

The inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are reachable, if you refuse to believe that you are inferior.

The right to vote is here, but to exercise that exceptional opportunity, we have to vote for liberty.

The blacks’ privilege to vote has become a sad dream after the death of many “true God fearing black and white leaders.”

The order (black people with money and status in the community) of segregation and discrimination within the black race forged a very powerful self-made iron yoke (the means of controlling) around the necks and hearts of the black race.

The masters (oppression and fear) still live through generations of uneducated (U.S.A.) families.

A large percentage of black Americans are still conditioning our people (black Americans) to vote for the party, not the character of the person who is behind the party.

That type of characteristic behavior in black people helps to reinforce the negative feeling that Americans have about the intelligence of the black person.

The ignorant, self-indulgent attitude of a person (preconceived belief that one’s skin color makes a difference) is choking the life out of righteousness, respect, love, property, wealth, education, homes, jobs, families, marriages and church. 

Gaining worldly wealth (the disrespecting of individuals for power) has separated black Americans from God and family.

The satisfaction of the ignorant uneducated and educated black slave master comes when he chokes hope out of his people by nasty oppressive sayings like “I got mines,” “you get your,” ”it’s none of your business,” “it’s none of my business,” “you fool,” “stupid,” “he don’t have any sense,” “you are no good like your daddy,”  “move” “boy, get out of my why,”  “boy, stop that crying ” , “ you’re acting like a girl,” “ be a man”  has fueled the fire of the uneducated, oppressed, weak minded lost , Druggies, A.I.D, fatherless and bullies a controlling way.

Adding new definitions to words (changing the specific, supervene) in the past and present have divided the black Americans.

Unfortunately, the thinking is that it is only for a few of those who worship the ones who carry the axe (the rich, privileged, fashionable and dominant members of community) can be educated.

The sweet tone of words (freedom, respect, Americans) are beguiling black families.

Freedom is a joke! My own people are kept down when we act like plantation owners.

* The black /slave master is used in different statements to wake up my people (blacks) by showing that we are losing control of our responsibilities as black American families.   

The sad thing is that the flies (black slave masters who oppress the uneducated) control the teaching of our people, not to think!

Unleashed despair (a lack of hope or expectation) in the black neighborhoods has caused jealousy and hatred of those of same blood and color.

The moral fiber of the black race is at risk.

                                                                                                                    Where are our (U.S.A.) distinguished Congressmen?

The only bad check given (the depending on the government) is the one that we did not make a deposit (investment in ones’ future) on our children’s future.

A large percentage of the black families have become an insufficient fund (evasion of one’s responsibilities; empty)

The ghetto became a means of free handouts (the acceptance of your surrounding). Oppression controls the lives of the weak-minded blacks.

Failure to educate all black children is evil.

Black oppressors acts like slave masters in the ghetto, plantation and suburb.

Ghetto lifestyle contributes to the perception that black people belongs in the ghetto until death and buried (not loved, respected or missed) in a pompous grave!

We (blacks) have not been exalted, (elevated, magnified, refined) and will not as long as we accept the way we treat our own black families and others! 

Black on black crime has become a means of destruction in black American’s lives and country, second A.I.D.S.

Living in the village of darkness (crime, homeless, uneducated, fatherless, no job and no money …ect.)becomes a part of life for those who are mindless.

We as a black race formed from the white cotton field into a black cotton field (black slave masters) or mistrust.

                                                                                                                    All men are equal, but when it comes to the black race, for some reason a large percent of black Americans think that it is ok to harm another black American. (Saying that as long as it’s a black on black crime that it is acceptable)      

The sad thing about that, it’s not just the weak minded blacks but the educated blacks pushing it, by not addressing the problems!

There are no repercussions for being a footstool (a lower class of people supporting the life style of the ones in charge) of the black slave master!

Birthing sons of black slave masters (drugs, crime, fatherlessness, death, and uneducated) allows their children to place chains on the black race lives

What is freedom ( the reaching and  fulfillment of the America dream ) when we as a large percentage of black people in America are afraid to marry, get an education, own a home, save for the future, play on the play grounds, own a car, work, speak out against crime, become a father and daddy, giving and demanding respect.

The citizenship rights of the black Americans are at a point of destruction, because of the attitude of those blacks who believe that their actions do not “smell”.

Not speaking out against injustice is a form of self lynching (no future; death by self).

Wrongful deeds overshadow the good of all black people.

Persecuting someone of the opposite race for a physical, mental, financial or verbal attack on a black American makes us ( blacks ) guiltier than that opposite race by not demanding the same persecution of  blacks that committed (allowing another  black to get away with crimes against blacks) crimes against another black

The cup of bitterness and hatred (disrespect as a race) runs over into the neighborhoods of all Americans.

Changing the meaning (misleading yourself and others in one’s actions) of yes into no and no into yes is wrong.

Negative actions (dropouts, drugs, crimes, pimping, disrespect,  confinement and no education) have affected the black race in faith, jobs, truth, marriage, education, true love, property, wealth, and family, creating a ghetto.

If anything seems unconstitutional, it is the over dramatization of discrimination (believing that the whole white race is out to enslave the black race) within the black race.

The misdirection of any man's marked character (a stained life style) will bend or break.

Prejudice has crept into the blood of blacks (radioactive relationships) and impregnated its disease into the life of the weak-minded (not able to make intellectual decisions) member of the black race.

We as Americans (all races of people who adopted the constitution of the U.S.A.) have to stop being negligent in our actions.

Black men need the help of the black women in support of their families.

Walking alone (not being accepted as a man and respected as a father) has not always been part of the black man’s life, because of the faith he had God.

The black man started to walk alone when his black woman accepted disrespect and gave into wrong doing among the black and white races.

God’s wisdom is just for the asking.

Using that blessing in wrong ways is a misuse of God and man.

The most popular answer given by black Americans is “God did not cause the problems.”

“Don’t blame God.”

Black on black crimes; babies having babies and fathers’ roles without being a daddy is impounded with no acceptance of responsibilities.

Black slave masters are no longer just black; who oppress black because the black slave masters sons’ are replaced with drug, crime, fatherlessness, children, uneducated, death, bad credit, poverty, look, speech, property, nasty rap music, uncensored television and uncensored radio.

A bank of justice (education and wealth) lies within our own people.

If there were ever an urgency (being accountable) for a movement, the moment is here.

Oppressed black people are daily dreaming about getting out of the ghetto.

Mislead (oppressed / brain washed) black Americans are daily thinking about getting out of the ghetto, why allowing others who accepted the ghetto life to over shadow (blocking reasonable thinking) their lives with negative actions and words.

Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. said, “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed.” (A statement of belief, principles, or opinions on any subject.)

Having a dream is not good enough!

[Believe and act like you are a child of God and believe that he (God) loves you with all of his heart].      

Let us not allow the wrongfulness of police brutality (black officers, doctors, lawyers, educators and preachers) sink our trust of the law into hatred.

Do not play the role of an ignorant person!

It doesn’t matter how successful you become, being a black man is a stumbling block ( replacing the pain of any person, when  things go bad. Blame the black man ) forged from the deepest core of jealousy , envy, pride, fear and wealth.

The only way that we  as a black race can weather this problem is to collectively support one another through  God, education, action and by being respondent to others.                                                                                                                                                                               

It is time to take on self responsibilities.

Stop letting your malicious actions mar your success                                                                                                                                                              Stop accepting defeat.

Stop the loud and disrespectful songs.

Stop the yelling.

Stop the negative words,

Stop the cursing,

Stop using and selling drugs

Stop the shooting.

Stop jeopardizing yours and your children’s future by having babies without their fathers as their daddies.

Stop believing all the things that you hear and see.

Stop the raping of one’s' soul, mind and body.

Where are our (U.S.A.) distinguished Congressmen?

Let’s Rally our belief in God, family and our (all) country.

Promote God the Father, God the Son, God Thy Holy Spirit.

Promote humanity.

Promote true love.

Promote happiness.

Promote marriage of the opposite sex.

Promote being an example to those who believe differently.                                                                                                      

Promote unity.

Promote education.

Promote Family life.

Promote investing in yours and others’ families.

Promote saving money for the present and future.

It is time to wake up and move in the direction of opportunities for all Americans.


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