Memorial Day

Memorial Day was a time for reflection.  We went to war with the Asian countries and many lives lost on both sides; we went to war with Germany and many lives lost on both sides; we went to war with England and again, many lives lost on both sides, and we even warred with Mexico and a stifling number of soldiers were lost.   At the end of each war, we took steps to rebuild these countries, rebuild our economic ties with these countries, and we rebuilt our relationships with these countries.   But there is another war we don’t include on Memorial Day and that is so sad.  Maybe it is because this war is not over.   Many lives have been lost in this war, and lives are still being lost.  How come we have such a hatred and animosity towards a people we never warred with, who never sought to conquer us, who didn't even want to be here in the first place?   They were kidnapped from their homes to be brought to the land of the free; some innocent lives were murdered on their way to the land of the free, and these lives suffered great physical harm upon arrival here to be slaves in the land of the free.   How can we, as the United States, call ourselves the land of the free, and still condemn a race for its color. We will never truly be the land of the free, until we accept ALL nationalities, and not just tolerate. We mourn those who fought defending us, as it should be, but those soldiers come in many different nationalities.  So when I mourned the lost in the past wars, across oceans or just next door, I included those who were lost, in a different war...survival.  If we truly believe we are the land of the free and the home of the brave, shouldn't that include everyone?


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