Zombie Apocalypse Coming? How to Survive ... In Style

This truly inspired marketing scenario by Realtors.com showcases some phenomenal properties which could make an apocalypse or zombie pandemic a whole lot easier to withstand.


In the midst of Zombie-Mania, The National Association of Realtors has put together a list of ... let's call them ... "homes" for your review when considering your options for survival.

Assuming you've read the CDC's preparedness guide and have given full thought to your options and have a couple million friends who have had their Zombie vaccinations who can help with the purchase price, these fortifications might just be the ticket for not only survival, but survival IN STYLE.

Penetrate This: Sixteen Fortresses for Staving Off the Zombie Apocalypse   lists 16 fortresses or properties divided into three categories: Castles, Islands, and The Next Best Thing. They're priced from $99.9 million (Hogwarts ... with magic) to a cheap little island in Maine with a cabin for $550,000. So whether you're the type to go for something Gothic, something with a bit of magic, or just that run of the mill "they'll never find me here" opportunity, there are some exemplary properties. I especially enjoyed the descriptions and "bonus defense features."

Realtor.com brags, "... I can offer is my expertise in real estate – prime, zombie-defense real estate capable of putting those with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh at a distance from you and your family."

My favorite? The Little French Cay in Honduras - for $7.9 million. Paradise. There are no zombies. I so decree.



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