ACC Police Officer Comes to the Aid of Distressed Veteran

A woman was stranded in Athens with no money, needing gas to get home.

A little kindness goes a long way.
A little kindness goes a long way.
An Athens Clarke County Police officer helped a distressed female veteran who came to Athens on Thursday to take her dogs to the UGA Veterinary Clinic and somehow, she said, lost her wallet somewhere on campus. Without money, she couldn't buy gas to get home to Augusta.

According to a story in the Athens Banner Herald, the officer saw her dogs in the car, looked for her purse, asked about contacting a friend and suggested she call her bank. The woman was crying hysterically, the story said, and was very emotional. She told the officer she suffers from some kind of condition, though the story didn't specify what it is.

The officer then escorted the woman to the county fuel station, the story says, and put some gas in her car's tank, then pointed her toward home on the Lexington and gave her directions to the Augusta area.



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