Crime Blotter--an arrest, beatings, attempted burglary

The information in this story comes from the ACC Police Department. An arrest doesn't mean a conviction.


Around 11am on September 15 an officer saw the driver of a vehicle riding slowly near a church in the 300 block of Whitehall Road. The driver pulled into the parking lot and the officer drove by. The officer turned around and as he returned to the church, the vehicle was waiting to pull out. When the driver saw the police vehicle, he exited and began “kicking” the tires. He told the officer he needed a new tire. When asked for identification, he gave the officer an ID which was later determined to be that of another person. The truck bed contained numerous kinds of lawn care equipment and hand tools. An investigation revealed the serial numbers had been removed from several of the items. The male was arrested. During a search of his person incident to the arrest, a wallet with his identification was found. He was identified as Brian Scott Wilson. A computer check revealed that his license was suspended. Wilson, 21, Timber Mill Road, Watkinsville, was charged with Criminal Use of an Article with an Altered ID Mark, Giving False Information, Suspended/Revoked License, Use of Fake ID, and Equipment (Tires) Violation. 

Officers responded to a burglary in progress at a Sir Scott Road residence around 2am on September 16. An occupant said he and his family were awakened by someone pounding on the door. The door frame was damaged but no one got in.

An officer met with a man from Palm Harbor, FL, in the parking lot of Red Lobster, 1956 W Broad Street, in reference to a case of battery. The man's wife said he was extremely intoxicated and was in an argument with another occupant of a taxi. The taxi driver pulled in the parking lot and made the Florida couple get out. She said after they exited, her husand began beating on the window of the van. She said the driver then exited with a tire iron and struck her husband twice in the face. He then entered the van and left. Contact was made with the taxi company and the driver returned. The driver said the Florida man was trying to start a fight inside the van and he put them out. As the driver tried to leave, the Florida man grabbed onto the ladder on the back of the van. The driver got out, grabbing a tire iron as he did. He said he told the Florida man to get off so he could leave. The man got off the van and ran so the driver put the tire iron in the van. He said the Florida then came up and pushed him from behind so the driver turned and punched him. The Florida man declined help from the EMS. This incident occurred around 12:15am on September 16. 

University of Georgia Police officers had contact with a Lilburn man who had been in a fight. An ACCPD officer met with the man, who said he had been in a verbal altercation with four to five white males. They exited their vehicle and attacked him. He was slammed to the ground and his head hit the concrete and he was beaten repeatedly. He sustained lacerations to his forehead and cuts to his fingers. The suspects left in a blue vehicle driven by a white female. This occurred in the 1300 block of South Lumpkin Street around 3am on September 16.  


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