Crime Blotter--stealing and more stealing

The information in this story comes from the ACC Police Department. An arrest doesn't mean a conviction.


A man reported that Southern Distinction, 1 Huntington Road, was burglarized between 7pm on December 13 and 8:30am on December 14. $2252 in computer hard drives was taken along with various information files.

A woman from West Paces Drive said her home was burglarized between 12:30pm and 5:30pm on December 14.  Someone made entry by forcing open the rear door. The resident said a 20” TV was taken.

On December 15 at 10:30pm officers responded to a burglary at a Sycamore Drive residence. Officers found that the residence had been forcibly entered. It is unknown if anything was taken because James was not at her residence. 

Officers responded to a burglar alarm at the Sayemore Drive home of a woman on December 14 at 11:40pm. When they arrived, officers found someone had come in by forcing open a door. The residence was cleared by responding officers and the woman resident did not think that anything was taken.

Officers responded to a Rustwood Drive home on December 14 at 11:50pm for an unknown problem. The resident said he saw his Rustwood Drive neighbor breaking into his storage shed and that the neighbor ran when the resident saw him. The resident further said that he chased the neighbor and when he caught him, he punched the neighbor in the face. The neighbor had a small cut on his face. The neighbor said he was cutting through the resident’s yard on his way home from a friend’s house when the resident attacked him with a stick. Both men had been drinking. Officers were unable to determine if a burglary had occurred.  

A woman from Oak Tree Square said someone entered her 2005 Dodge between 10pm and 10:30pm on December 13. The woman said her purse, various credit cards and a diamond ring were taken.

A man from Sweet Gum Way said his Ford Ranger was entered on December 14th between 6am and 7:48pm. Jackson said someone had rummaged through his truck but it appeared that nothing was missing. 


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