Dispute Over Taxi Fare Leads to Possible Kidnapping Charge

The information in this story comes from the Athens Clarke County Police Department. An arrest doesn't mean a conviction.

Crimes in Athens, Ga.
Crimes in Athens, Ga.

At 2:35am, August 3, a UGA student and three of her friends hailed a taxi cab in downtown Athens. They were taken to their residence on Old Will Hunter Road.

When they arrived, there was a discussion about the fare, and at some point, the driver drove away from the location with the UGA student still in the cab of the van.

According to student, the cab driver refused to stop and let her to get out of the cab. The driver went to the Golden Pantry on South Milledge Avenue where they were contacted by the Athens Clarke County Police Department.

 The driver claimed that he had tried to get the student to get out of his cab, but she refused. The incident is under investigation.


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