GBI Officials Coming to Assist UGA Police in Search for Suspect in Athens, Ga.

UGA Police have been searching for the suspect in an attempted rape since Friday.


Friday's attack of a woman on a trail at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia was the first time such a thing has happened there in 40 years. That's according to some of the employees working in the popular facility.

"You have to be aware, everywhere," said UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson.

The woman who was targeted Friday afternoon had her wits about her, authorities have said, because she managed to elude a tall, slim white man, thought to be college age. He came at her with a knife and threated to rape her, but she got away and he fled.

He remains at large.

The UGA Police, assisted by the Athens Clarke County Police and the Oconee County Sheriff's Department, are continuing their search for the suspect. The woman who got away is assisting in their search, Williamson said, by recalling what the man looks like.

Someone from the GBI is coming to Athens to build a composite of the suspect, based on the woman's description, said Williamson. He said the composite will be circulated to help in the search.


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