GBI: UGA Student Rebecca Greene Committed Suicide

Greene's body was found in a creek near the Plaza in Athens in November.

Crimes in Athens, Ga.
Crimes in Athens, Ga.
Officials with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have determined that UGA student Rebecca Greene, whose body was found last month in a creek in Athens, killed herself.

According to a story in the Athens Banner Herald, state chief medical examiner Dr. Kris Sperry said in a statement that Greene had taken “very large quantities” of diphenhydramine, the main drug found in over-the-counter sleeping aides. The young woman fell into a cold stream, officials said, and died from environmental hypothermia.

An ACC police officer found Greene's body in the morning of November 19th near The Plaza. The last contact anyone had with her was on November 18th around 5:30 p.m., when her boyfriend talked with her.

Her body was transported to the GBI Crime Lab in Decatur. An autopsy was completed by the medical examiner and the preliminary results indicated her death was not a homicide, no foul play was involved, and no one else had a role in her death. 

Greene was 22 and from Brantley County. She was studying biochemistry and philosophy at UGA. She was a yoga instructor and an employee at Earthfare in Five Points.


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