Guitars Among Items Stolen in Separate Burglaries

Athens-Clarke Police media release, June 12

Athens, Ga., police news
Athens, Ga., police news
Athens-Clarke Police media release, June 12


A Mulberry Street residence was burglarized between 9 a.m. June 4 and 9 a.m. June 11. An air soft rifle, video game consoles, TVs, a camera with lenses, an electric guitar, printer, and video games were stolen. The total value was $3,600.

A woman said she arrived at her South Poplar Street residence around 10 p.m. June 10. She said her roommate was not in and the door to the room was closed when she left the residence. When she returned, the door was closed. She heard movement in the room and knocked on the door. No one responded so she knocked again. She heard more movement but there was still no response. She opened the door and saw an open window and items moved around. After making contact with her roommate it was determined a guitar valued at $200 had been stolen. This was not reported until around 5 p.m. June 11.


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