Hi-Yah! Fists and Feet of Fury Fly as Man Turns Tables on His Attacker

Weird Police News: Here are some strange activities that police encountered in Northeast Georgia recently.

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Messing with the wrong guy: A Brookhaven man was attacked from behind by a suspect who told him, “Don’t fight me, white boy.” The victim, who studies martial arts, didn’t listen and the suspect paid for it. While on the ground, the man punched the attacker in the face, then got to his feet and kneed him in the groin. The attacker ran away to avoid further wrath.

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Driving with the friend-emy: An Athens-area man was accused of stealing money from the vehicle of a friend who had given him a ride earlier in the day. The so-called friend reportedly confronted the man with a box cutter, cutting him in the face, and when he found no money, he stole the cell phone, headphones and cash from the man he accused.

Oops, I shot myself: An Oconee County man told deputies it was an accident that he shot himself in the leg. His .22-caliber revolver went off while he was taken it out of his pocket, striking his left leg and lodging in his shin bone. "The angle of the bullet path was consistent with a weapon being fired accidentally in a downward motion," the deputy noted in the incident report. Deputies could see the path of the bullet under the skin, but couldn’t find the gun.

Slow-ped: A Lawrenceville man was pulled over for not observing the posted speed limit on Duluth Highway. The speed limit of 45 mph was deemed too fast for his moped. He was cited for operating a low-speed vehicle on a high-speed road, and it probably didn’t help that he also had a suspended license, which led to another charge.

Road rage turns violent: A road-rage fight, which both men blamed the other for starting, led to one of them shooting at the other’s car. Police charged a Lawrenceville man, 26, with battery, terroristic threats, aggravated assault and criminal damage after he reportedly fought with a 65-year-old man near Stone Mountain Highway and Killian Hill Road and shot at his vehicle. According to the police report, the younger man suffered a cut to his arm, possibly in the fight, and said to police, “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight … That old guy should thank me for not killing him.”

Eyeing the gas gauge: A Barrow County driver, who was pulled over for a broken brake light, led a deputy off a thoroughfare and to a residence in a nearby subdivision. His reason: he was almost out of gas and didn’t want to run out.


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