Imposters 'Clean' House, Man Attacks Kitty for His Pit Bull

Weird Police News: More of the strange stuff police officers around North Georgia were up against recently

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They cleaned house: An Athens man told police that a man and a woman posing as a from his home — including computers, jewelry and TVs. Athens Clarke County Police say the man confronted the couple as they were loading up a pickup truck. They told him they were with the mortgage company and were at the house because it was going into foreclosure. The mortgage company told the man no such action was ordered.

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If the glove fits: A Lilburn man was robbed of cash, jewelry and other belongings after he was held up as the red dot of a laser-sighted firearm was pointed at his chest. The incident occurred outside a Dickens Road apartment complex. Two men are being sought, one of whom left a white gardening glove with red paint on it.

He didn’t wish to remain silent: Gwinnett County Police responded to an aggravated domestic disturbance in Norcross and came away with drug-related charges on the man and woman involved. During the police interview, the man mentioned he had sold marijuana to the woman earlier in the day. A search warrant followed, and police found marijuana in various places in a storage area.

Bad kitty? A Buford man, upset that a kitten may make his pit bull become unglued, used a tree limb to strike the feline. "I saw that little cat outside of my fence acting like he was going to antagonize my pit bull, so I grabbed a little stick and hit him with it," the man said, according to the police report. The man also said he has witnessed the cat teasing his dog, which was chained up in the backyard. The “little stick” was a tree limb more than three feet long and an inch and half thick. The kitten was taken to the vet and was expected to survive. The man was charged with animal cruelty.

She knew it was stolen, but …  A woman who was driving a car reported stolen told Gwinnett Police this when asked if she knew it was stolen. "Yes, well no. I was told they were not going to report it,” she said, according to the police report. The woman, from Walhalla, S.C., told police the car had been rented by her boyfriend and, while she knew it had to be returned, she thought she had more time. After further questioning, she admitted the Walhalla Police Department had alerted her that the car had been reported stolen. "[The woman] kept saying that she needed to return the vehicle and that is why she was driving it,” the reporting officer wrote.


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