Man Admits to Police That He Stole Gift of Jewelry From His Girlfriend

A man intended to surprise his girlfriend but got surprised himself.

Crimes in Athens, Ga.
Crimes in Athens, Ga.
An Athens man who had given his girlfriend $2,000 worth of jewelry stole it after he found a partially empty condom box in her nightstand. Because he knew the box wasn't his, he believed his 29-year-old girlfriend was cheating on him.

According to a story in the Athens Banner Herald, the 41-year-old man crept into his girlfriend's bedroom early Tuesday morning, knowing she was spending the night with one of his relatives. He told police he had taken the woman's house key while she slept. The story says he was leaving her flowers, "romantic" items and a card when, rummaging in her nightstand for a pen, he found the condom box.

The man texted his girlfriend that the police should call him after she reported the theft. He told the police officer that he was driving to Atlanta and that he would return the jewelry by mail. The officer told him he had no right to take the jewelry. 


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