Man and Woman Arrested on Cocaine Possession, Dealing Charges

The information in this story comes from the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. An arrest doesn't mean a conviction.

An Athens man and woman were arrested Thursday after police found a pill bottle with recently made crack cocaine in the backseat of their car, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police report. 

Police approached a vehicle behind the Lyndon House at about 1:30 a.m. to investigate why the car was there so late at night. When the officer approached the vehicle, he saw a woman in the passenger seat pulling up her pants. 

According to the report, the officer recognized Tory Favors, 20, in the front seat. Favors had previously been searched in the same car, and was familiar to the officer on patrol. The woman in the car was identified as Martika Whitehead, 20.

Favors told police his girlfriend needed to change clothes, which was why they were behind the building. When police asked why they did not change somewhere else, Favors did not answer. 

While the officer was questioning Favors, he noticed a small open pill bottle with a white substance in it. Favors had previously been arrested for dealing crack cocaine, so the officer put him under arrest. The officer asked several times who the crack belonged to, but Favors would only say he didn't know because it was in the backseat.

When the officer asked Whitehead who the crack belonged to, she only stared at him in silence, according to the report.

The officer later noticed the bottle had moisture in it, which is usually an indicator that the crack was recently made. When the officer told Favors he planned on charging them both with possession of cocaine with intention to distribute, Favors told police that the crack belonged to Whitehead.

Whitehead would not say whether the crack was hers or not, but would only ask what would happen if she said it was hers and what would happen if she said it was his.

Both Whitehead and Favors were charged with possession with intent to distribute. They were taken to Clarke County Jail.


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