Naked Toddler Found Wandering at Night Near Baxter Street

The babysitter had apparently abandoned the toddler and his infant twin sisters on New Year's Eve.

Crimes in Athens, Ga.
Crimes in Athens, Ga.
About 8:30pm Tuesday evening, a woman walking her dog found a naked little boy wandering around on Baxter Drive, which links Dudley Drive and Baxter Street and threads through University Gardens apartments. The children had been abandoned by the babysitter, police believe.

According to a story in the Athens Banner Herald, the baby-sitter faces charges of cruelty to children and reckless abandonment. The incident is under investigation by a detective assigned to the Family Protection Center.

The woman who encountered the little boy called 911 and got blankets and a diaper from neighbors, the story says. Responding officers found an open door to an apartment in University Gardens and inside found twin infant girls, alone.

Police officers were able to find documents in the apartment that helped them contact the children's mother, who was at her job. The story says the babies were left alone long enough to have soiled their diapers. Police changed the diapers.

The mother told police she had called and texted the babysitter several times during the evening, the story says, but the babysitter didn't respond. Police picked up the mother from work and took her to Athens Regional, where medical staff had checked the children and found they were okay.

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