Update on Stacey Marie Piotrowski: A Fund Is Established to Help

The artist hit by a drunk driver while riding her bicycle remains hospitalized.


Stacey Marie Piotrowski, a 28-year-old Athens artist, photographer and musician, was hit by a drunk driver around 10:30pm a week ago on Talmadge Avenue. She remains hospitalized with serious injury to her head and legs.

Known in various circles in Athens as a kind and compassionate person, as well as an interesting and talented photographer, Stacey-Marie has friends who have set up a fund to help defer her medical bills. Thus far, a funding raising website says $5,000 is needed because she has no insurance and little savings.

Here's what the website says about Stacey-Marie and her plight:

On December 19th, 2012,  around 10:30pm, Stacey Marie Piotrowska was hit head on by a truck while riding her bike. She suffered serious injuries her legs as well as her head, and remains hospitalized.

She has no insurance, no savings, and will be out of work for months to come.

Stacey Marie is a photograher, writer and artist who has long been active in the DIY scene in Athens and elsewhere. She has opened her home and her heart to so many in need over the years. Now she needs your help with huge medical expenses and basic living expenses as she recovers from this tragic accident.

Stacey does not own a car, and never drove. It will be a long time before she can ride again.

Please donate what you can, no amount is too small!

Stay updated as we organize fundraisers and benefits on her behalf. This kind person who has shown kindness to so many over the years really needs your assistance. Please give!


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