Weird Police Stories: Spitting, Kicking and Personal Space

Unusual police reports from Patch sites in Northeast Georgia.

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1. Usually when rock hits glass, the rock is the winner. But a couple of burglary suspects found that wasn’t the case when they tried to smash through a window at a Stone Mountain-area veterinary clinic. Surveillance video showed . "However they had no luck," according to the police report. The rock only broke one pane of the double-paned window. The video showed them give up and drive away.

2. Winder Police say one of two women suspected of shoplifting at two stores admitted that . Further investigation found the women had shoplifted around $50 worth of goods from Dollar General and Fred’s. They admitted to the crimes. Interesting, it was the s. On an earlier date, a woman reportedly took nail clippers out of its package at the same Dollar General and concealed it in her bra. Ouch!

3. A box of feminine sanitary pads were the target of a shoplifter recently at an Athens grocery store. When police found her and told her the reason she was stopped, she pulled the pads out of her purse and offered to pay for them. .

4. Gwinnett Police found a  just before 2 a.m. on Labor Day. The man, who reportedly had glazed eyes and slurred his speech, told police he doesn’t have an alcohol problem, but when he drinks it’s usually to excess.

5. An  got a little too close for comfort. The argument included spitting and profanity, and one of the woman said other “got so close that we touched boob to boob,” according to the police report. One of women, a Hamilton Mill-area homeowner, told police she had hired surveyors to mark the property line, and that she believed the neighbor moved the markers. She said the neighbor ended up spitting on her. The neighbor said she didn’t move the markers and explained that she didn’t spit on the other woman, but rather sneezed. She said the homeowner thought she had been spit upon and spat back in retaliation. No arrests were made.

6. While answering an unrelated call, Johns Creek Police saw an “obviously intoxicated” man punch another man nearby. After the man was handcuffed, he , prompting one of the officers to pull the man’s shirt over his head to prevent him from spitting more. During this time, the suspect also kicked two officers. Before being placed in the patrol car, the man urinated on himself while sitting on the sidewalk.

7. What exactly did he mean? An Athens man arrested on public intoxication charges after being stopped for walking in a roadway, An officer asked if the man was threatening him. He said no.

8. A man made good on his threat to “kick his [expletive]” during a fight outside a Suwanee motel. He and another man got into an argument for an unknown reason, and when the first man made the threat, the second man took a swing and missed, and was then decked. . Both men were arrested for disorderly conduct.

9. An angry husband told his wife’s boss at a Buford business he was “going to get him back for this” after he heard that the boss apparently told the woman to “get her head right” during a discussion about her job performance. The boss asked the man if that was a threat. , according to the police report.





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