A Demolition Application For House on Cherokee Avenue in Five Points

Other demolition applications for Five Points houses have been filed.

The starred and outlined area on Cherokee is slated for demolition.
The starred and outlined area on Cherokee is slated for demolition.
Another older Five Points house may be torn down if a demolition permit is granted. Alison and Richard Rosch want to tear down a house on Cherokee that dates from the 1920s.

Here's what the notice from the ACC Planning Department says:

As per Section 9-4-15C, Staff has found the above-referenced action eligible for a complete 90-day demolition review. As the application was submitted on January 24, 2014, written request to continue the review is needed by February 18, 2014 from the Commissioner elected to represent the subject property.

The subject property falls within Commission District #7 – Kathy Hoard
The following additional information has been provided by the applicant or noted through Staff research:

Property Address: 270 Cherokee Avenue 

Parcel Tax Map: 124B4 C003

Applicant: Marcus Wiedower
Owner: Alison and Richard Rosch

Tax information and the applicant have indicated 1950 as the construction date of the house; however, it appears to Staff that an earlier form of the house appears on a 1926 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map. The property is not in a National Register Historic District, but the neighborhood is denoted in the Comprehensive Plan as a potential local historic district. 


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