Bill Permitting Electronic Insurance Cards Clears the House

The bill now heads to the Senate and, if approved, would allow Georgia motorists to carry their proof of insurance on a smart phone.


Georgia motorists will be able to carry an electronic insurance card with them if a bill that passed in the house this week makes it through the Senate.

Ste Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe) said he introduced HB 254 after being given the idea by one of his Walton County constituents in the insurance industry. He said it would be a benefit to Georgia drivers just by virtue of its convenience and ease of use.

“If you can board an Airplane with a digital boarding card on your smart phone, it is time for us to allow proof of auto insurance also,” Williamson said. “Also, law enforcement likes it because it helps facilitate faster, more accurate sharing of policyholder information in the event of an accident.”

Under current law, a driver is supposed to carry his or her insurance card in the vehicle. It is, however, backed up by a state database and if a traffic enforcement officer can verify it that way it does sometimes avoid someone being given a ticket. The electronic version, which could be recorded on a smart phone, would make it more convenient for someone driving a vehicle other than their own, when traveling or using a rental or company vehicle.

Williamson said the bill will now be carried through the Senate by newly-elected state Sen. Burt Jones of Walton County.


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