How do you Call the Election in Athens, Ga.?

Will Obama win? Will Amendment 1 pass? What do you think?


Former Athens Mayor Gwen O'Looney, Athens Clarke County Mayor Pro Tem Andy Herod, and ACC Commissioner Alice Kinman believe President Obama will be returned to office for a second term. Political science professor Keith Poole thinks Obama's re-election hinges on how the vote turns out, relative to the numbers from 2008.

"I think Amendment 1 will fail in Athens, and I'm praying for failure on the statewide level," said O'Looney. "I think the Presidential race will be close, but that Obama will win. And I think Spencer will win."

O'Looney also thinks that write-in Congressional candidate Charles Darwin will receive more than 10 percent of the vote in Athens, "which sends a pretty strong message," I think.

Geographer Herod predicts that Obama will take the Electoral College with 290 to 300 votes, though he may lose the popular vote. He also thinks Democrats will retain control of the U.S. Senate, while Republicans will remain the majority in the U.S. House. Spencer Frye and Frank Ginn will win, he said.

Amendment 1? "It may pass narrowly because it's so misleadingly worded," Herod said.

Unless Romney wins "by several points," said UGA's Poole, "I think the Senate will stay Democratic. It's pretty clear the House will be the same, maybe one different."

The various voter filters being used may influence voter turnout, Poole said. So he couldn't make an informed prediction on the Presidential election.

Alice Kinman, who's resigning from the ACC Commission at the end of the year, says President Obama will win in the electoral college but won't win the popular vote. Darwin will make a strong showing, Spencer Frye and Frank Ginn will win and the U.S. Senate and House will remain the same.

"Amendment 1 will likely pass, but it will be challenged in court," Kinman said. "The language is so deceptive. What I would like to see at the state level is that we avoid the Republic super majority but I don't see a pass on that one either."


What's your prediction for the election? Share in the comments.




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