Local Democratic and GOP Groups Preparing for the Nov. 6 Election

They're taking people to vote, working swing states and distributing signs.


In the final days before the election, the Clarke County Democratic Committee of Athens and the Athens GOP are ramping up their local and national campaigns.

“We are working hard at the national level, but are also reaching out to various groups in Clarke County,” said Matthew Brewster, chairman of the Athens-Clarke County Republican Party. “The Athens GOP is committed to getting Mitt Romney to be our next president of the United States.”

The group, through a partnership established by Brewster with the Ohio GOP, organized a phone bank to call Ohio voters and encourage them to support former Massachusetts Gov. Romney.

Having a swing-state presence has been a major focus for local Democrats as well, who’ve been participating in so-called “Battleground Trips.” As part of the “Obama for America” campaign, volunteers travelled to campaign and fundraising events in Florida and North Carolina to help rally voters for the re-election of President Obama.

Closer to home, Democratic Committee members drove voters to the polls for early voting and will be available again on Election Day.

Door-to-door canvassing in several Athens neighborhoods is also a large campaign strategy.

Locally, the Athens GOP has made their presence known visually.

The organization has raised enough money to purchase over 1,700 Romney/Ryan yard signs and bumper stickers, making Clarke County the third-ranked county in the state in terms of advertising revenue to the Romney/Ryan campaign. The signs and bumper stickers were given away every Tuesday and Thursday outside of the Athens GOP Headquarters.

During the campaign, both committees hosted debate viewing parties that gave participants a chance to discuss what the candidates said.

On Nov. 6, the GOP committee will host its 2012 Election Night Party at Buffalo’s Southwest Café in the Beechwood Shopping Center, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The CCDC will host their “Election Night: A Celebration of Democracy” party at 7 p.m. at the Georgia Theatre.

Ultimately, Brewster believes that both groups want the same thing--for every vote to count.

For more information about the Athens GOP, please visit their website, or contact Chairman Matt Brewster at (706) 546-4280 or via email.

For Election Day transportation to the polls, call (706) 546-7075, or visit the CCDC Headquarters at 160 Tracy Street, Suite 2B, to fill out a form to get a ride scheduled.

The committee is currently searching for more volunteer drivers. If you are  interested in driving people to the polls, please email the CCDC Rides-to-the-Poll Coordinator John Hoge at jdhoge@gmail.com.




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