Mayor Denson Has $18,000 in Re-election Campaign Donations

Challengers Tim Denson and Ryan Berry haven't filed disclosure forms thus far, but the deadline is Jan. 8th.

Mayor Nancy Denson is running for re-election.
Mayor Nancy Denson is running for re-election.
Mayor Nancy Denson's campaign officials have sent information that, as of December 31st, close to $18,000 has been raised for her re-election efforts. The disclosure forms aren't yet on the website of the state Government Transparency and Campaign Commission. So there's no way to know who has donated to her campaign.

What is known is that Houston Gaines is the campaign manager, the treasurer is Todd Krohn and Dan Maxey is the publicity chair.

A press release says: 

"Athens-Clarke County Mayor Nancy Denson’s reelection campaign filed its year-end campaign contribution disclosure report with $17,716.11 in total contributions to date despite having not yet held a campaign fundraiser.

The report, filed to Georgia’s Government Transparency and Campaign Commission, indicates that Denson has raked in numerous small and large donations.

“When I added the numbers, I was pleasantly surprised. But to be honest, I really haven’t been able to focus much on the campaign,” Mayor Denson said.
“I have been so busy at work that I just haven’t been able to put much of any time into campaigning. Fortunately, I have many generous supporters who have allowed me to focus on my job as mayor.”

With Election Day being May 20, Denson’s campaign team will begin going into full gear. Recently announced campaign manager Houston Gaines, treasurer Todd Krohn and publicity chair Dan Maxey said that the mayor would continue to focus on her job, and the three staffers would work with others to spearhead her reelection efforts.

“The campaign team will be in close contact with Mayor Denson, but she has a job to do—one that she is extremely good at doing,” Gaines said. “As proven by the campaign’s recent financial disclosure, Nancy has incredible support from the community. She has garnered that support by being mayor, not by campaigning.

“We are confident that Athens will once again rally around Nancy. She has proven herself to be both an approachable leader and forwarder thinker. She knows what Athens needs, and the campaign team will work hard to ensure Nancy four more years.”


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