Rain Rain, Come Again!

It refreshed us, but we need a similar storm every day for a month to make up the deficit.

Hey! Stop watering your newly sodded lawn like there’s no tomorrow.

One good rain doesn’t mean a lot to the State Climatologist, David Stooksbury, a UGA faculty member. And maybe it shouldn’t mean much to you either.

In the last 30 days, we’ve gotten less than 50 percent of our normal rainfall.

Go back a little further, to April. In the past 60 days, only 47 percent of the normal amount of rain has fallen, says Stooksbury.

Thank goodness for March. Now we’re looking at 70 percent of normal rainfall.

Athens sits between a rock and hard place when it comes to rain. To the north of us, conditions are abnormally dry, Stooksbury says. To the south, there’s an extreme drought baking everything to a crisp. Guess the pain we are feeling isn't all that extreme.

Today, you can catch the Creek Water Blessing Song at 4 p.m.  at , led by John Winterhawk. Hope they have room for a crowd.


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