These Boots are Made For....Booting

Gone from downtown since May, the boots will return in a month or two.

Parking enforcement continues to evolve in downtown Athens.
Parking enforcement continues to evolve in downtown Athens.
Attention, parking scofflaws: the boots are returning to downtown Athens. Probably sooner than later, according to Pamela Thompson, executive director of the Athens Downtown Development Authority.

But these boots will be kinder and gentler. Those who receive them for excessive fines will be given a choice: they can settle their accounts or decide to go to municipal court, signing a document that says they agree to show up for the court date. Either choice will get the boot removed immediately.
"With the new process," she said, "we’re making sure any violator has has any opportunity to challenge any of those and has had legitimate parking violations."

Before the boots return, new citations must be printed, Thompson said. Also, she wants to talk with the ADDA board about an education campaign. 

"I want to make sure everyone understands the new process," she said. "We want to get the word out so people will be aware the boot process is resuming. 

Thompson says that long-term, the County Commission needs to revisit the parking ordinance.


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